Thursday, February 19, 2015

"apalachee sneads"

omnibox, a macho cloudier plump,
teoman, fictitious name registration,
natty moss bond, a sexóloga de
floripa, i like your glasses, out of
sunnyside, fishcreek, highlighter
works on, final limited, one is
painting the bubblegum stains,
repermission, she’s laughing at
your genitals, apalachee sneads,
derelict mosquito spontaneity,
i don’t know what you are saying,
incoherence society, read it with
your fingertips, don’t be afraid
to use your mobile devices, how
perforated, sbietti stefano, pcam,
conform go crazy or become an
artist, piro arte correo puerto rico,
small wins lotto, shouting bawa,
sai, klein harp guitar, small
minds win big, small wins,
bogged down in paradise,

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