Saturday, February 21, 2015

"contains the element of heavenly"

sigint, packet sniffer, trystero px,
squid ink cheese, noncompliant
with treatment, bibliophilography,
serpents voladoras, streetgrass,
precious blank, cb cluster, gritz,
no more memes, imagine no more,
contains the element of heavenly,
swivet, the calgarian pro-
canadian phalanx, the knight’s
tour, schedule of obligations,
zakuskis, durandal, calefaction,
fatal interview, hounds of spring,
enthalpy, torrefaction, lipolex,
liponymy, still making art,
cheddar bunnies, five by eight,
westmount dallas, flop around
event, maniunas, batspoon, moth
antennae, the fluxus suck,
show me your junk, no direction
up, two hundred and eighty
contributors, black march,
moanlisa, worldbackwards,
corundum, indiana jones
playing cards, deformed lemon,
jester’s hat lemon, moneyball,
slomo ricochet, art starting
point, walnut roanoke, rebound
art, romare bearden, don’t call
me son boy, a hint of info,
utopia wa, kiesha kewra,

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