Friday, February 27, 2015


chiromania, oradexon, sardarnis,
chukris, cevapcici, frikadel, kook
kanucks klan, waste of being,
luck butter, tip cluster, shuttle
cluster, limousin, jasmine butter,
snuff tea, kinder chick, mionetto
moscato, arqc, veges, condom tax,
signature value, the closer doors,
stuck in minneapolis, legjit,
tiss dish, metalless stapler,
munny world, kidrobot, you want
to see the red threads, red bell,
calgary sunnyside, fun is for
the rich, spark science, youth one
day, check your ticket
carefully, for fluxus internal
use only, it has to be whimsical,
just watch your page gauge,
xxxxxx, osawatomie, hideo
nomo, iffing, gundy’s
microaesthetics, rotate and
continue, rien go blah,
the new red, save me from
my own death wish,

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