Tuesday, February 03, 2015


chicago gar cult, pedalpub,
pwning, sunkism, softly face,
kcbl cluster, polanyi, repetition
in spanish, fluxus nijmegen,
europa groen, blaster mania,
when you have bawa, registros
de viagens, how long do you
intend to gaze, brain cell life
form, glass of ammonia, fall
down the orgasmic rabbit hole,
the etymology of acceptance,
langue-d’oc, a castle of
poured concrete, sequim,
jennicam, khylysty, sinchul
throd, tue recht und scheue
niemand, zyprexa, siamang,
foo fighter technology, jack
you, somebody might actually
be reading this, double
dactyls, chat poetry, gross
talk, eap mail,

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