Friday, February 13, 2015


ontological anarchy, oncostatin
m receptor, dayglo orange frugged,
alexandrine, eco-terrorism hobson’s
choice, dentalium, vf debit, mq
cluster, drop bouy, puppy deer,
the kensington interaction
community, what no cast porn,
uci cinemas, lino cucci, cra,
brookfield place, tax the capital,
mishigosh, you cluster th readers,
elemental – the house the chairs,
concrete ship, barry le va, chignon,
shive, zuckung, bilirubin,
orange-line, exhibit in the
corridor of horrors, a thousand
flounces and a saucy bodice
of lace crochet, his eye had
just been extracted by the
mafia, taleb, anarcho-poetry,
a larger vocabulary than
shakespeare, quantum jokes,
art thorn,

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