Saturday, February 14, 2015

"circular dichroism"

orange grace, lampworked, circular
dichroism, mournucopia, hodedo,
stift goettweig messwein gru,
charge up the stamp pad, gaping
hole, photoshopped, banana ink,
one is not to be controlled,
pained in ful, cbcg cluster,
little repetition, chicago never
happened, there will be no
negotiation, postal inspection,
fluxgun, saargebiet, donald
henderson clarke, artist of places,
arte grezza, uterus bicornis,
blur is the answer, one has
nothing to give, you have call
display but, calling columbus,
give where we live, pennyroyal tea,
hinge to crane the chief ear,
art must be made by all,
kazam, pseudo-data, constant
copy, orange vomero,

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