Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"edogawa rampo"

bogged down in footnote number
one-ten, leap year virus, re: tit for
tat: if you don’t like my tits
keep your tats to yourself, acid
christ, amed, armed love, railgun,
chrislip, vaginal atresia, three-d
scanning, davy jones’ footlocker,
dipping bellow below twelve, oak
and vine, insect utilities, the final
company, valérie ceravolo, tear,
sekycsoa resolution, what? and tear
the art?, how can the taxable
amount be more than the actual
amount?, dynamic funds, nuck,
notre rai pays, legal franglais,
holopoems, graeco-latin bi-square,
co-circuits, ouhistpo, edogawa
rampo, enchanting hair and
costume, saving everything, not
writing complete, honeyspinners,
the penny drops, you need a
shave, the balancing pool,
february was, mx four,

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