Sunday, February 08, 2015


report conversation, left blonde,
banana globe, the poem kicks up,
bcgb cluster, pharmacogenetics,
zef, sublow, eski, retinosa
pigmentosa, alcheringa, onagata,
chancer, the metropolitan attitude,
supererogation, black pigments,
a hold two words, the mysterious
ornstein, saint onion, vigo,
something is getting penetrated,
bugs on beautiful flesh,
flucus, it’s always six o’clock,
ediciones amnesia, eye versus eye,
biological doodle, gar eighty-six,
emm is for ritz, red loss, are you
sure you didn’t use this piece
one time already, the deter,
i have been breaking regularly,
not quite as crisp, lost the
paper colour, about mint, lossages
and findages, killer eye, are
these real bugs, the nine run,

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