Monday, February 02, 2015

"nam shub"

extensible authentication
protocol, hyperemployment, one
use disposable vibrator, walt
jismey, ungeziefer, trance
tape, chookies, repeshition,
spot recordkeeping, hell-bender,
geert mak, eyeccupy, mailism,
fluxlistism, njetworking, no
tourists, no variations, ray as
in ray, nozzle blue, rivet
turquoise, bolt pink, photo of
a painting of bread, weather-
beaten graffiti, ants on lamb’s
ear, explosion in a shingle
factory, praying mantis sex,
doodling seventy-six, it’s
always six o’clock, drawings
of eyes, unit of artistamps,
went to see the captain,
torea, mokos, crackpot realism,
greenwashing, livicated,
mutual acquiescence,
mitigation, genki, nam shub,
give it to karen, drop the
lucida, gross pussy, asemic
mania, securityholder,
maurya, overlimit, recycle
your unwanted mail,

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