Tuesday, February 24, 2015


deathrow openvms cluster, bleu
de bresse, sari-sari store, a cluster
of vaxs, org bungh, cccmgc cluster,
merthiolater, cause gap, qtaim,
quantum cryptography, real art,
how to remember, concrete identity,
django hce, campbell the mythic
image, sorouja moll girlswork,
when the words burn, cullather
the hungry world, perec what a
man, the killing of the unicorn,
upskirt voyeur, experiments in
banal living, acconci transference,
hawkin the gift of space, don
messer, kittler gramophone film
typewriter, place of value in a
world of facts, robert duncan,
morgan literary outlaw,
d’artagnan, mimologiques,
kroklok, materialisation of
language, fish how to write
a sentence, many lives many
masters, avital ronell stupidity,
betsey trotwood and donkeys,
dyer crawling from the
wreckage, heidelberg dueling

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