Wednesday, February 04, 2015


psephology, olanzapine, jagon,
arbalests, kanly, woo kee med,
carrot tax, cm cluster, repetition
depot, clodius parnassius, melino,
send your ideas only in envelope
to, peacedream, alphabet
randomage, amaranthus
caudatus, cordwain, wordhord,
jon furberg, something smelled
delicious, edge house, eyeball
the text, stinkpo, gar mail,
looking thru somebody else’s
eye, time release clot, fufurtives,
way you washed the ham,
fureteuse, performance dreams,
cuaxicaltin, fingered toad,
startling literatures,
xayacatin, fawny chadow,
bawa means, toner real,
eegogg, red shirt, dog word,
empty eye, knack cluster, luach
crunch cone,

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