Sunday, February 15, 2015

"eyn chaya kazo"

coin sale, springrammar, congee,
the happy cooker emporium, guanyin,
alphaconceptual poetry, neologiology,
hypersexuality, cyclothymia,
phonoethics, ramp art, horizontalism,
north korean superdollars, lotta
poetica, whitelabel, sexstasy,
crackled her hoop earrings, the
final company, cookies and milk
and beer, bbbcs, let’s share a
laugh over a beer, cmb cluster,
biscuit lu, novum organon, it
was a dark and stormy night,
lotta poetica continua, that
little dot, autosomal recessive
spastic ataxia of charlevoix-
saguenay, blueseed, seasteading,
eyn chaya kazo, quasicrystals,
five star peru, thanks to ritz,
actually printed on,

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