Sunday, February 01, 2015

"couture kander"

chat performance art, hell the
extraordinary communities,
book trailers, chromatograms,
tecco and tabby, disembraining
machine, eye movement
desensitization and reprocessing,
emotional freedom technique,
indicate to yourself, maintain
a buffer, cash cycle, rst and
slt, ocb cluster, repetition with
variation, keep your grubby
hands off the haiku, you are
suitable for framing, but it
doesn’t say anything, ell
shelmes, purple splendid,
eliminate the gray, it conveys
beauty, i’m reading this as
blurry, textury, couture kander,
ink impressions, marks left over,
thanks for not bending, hike,
magnitron, mudroom, salon
kitty, loggia, ahnenerbe,
eye biting, autodadact, the
golden rabbit, dododo dadada,
impolite poetry,

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