Thursday, February 05, 2015


serial bus, foregret, fluxiago,
everyone is happy with the change,
fluxitarianism, butter salted,
bcm cluster, all the gars up to
eighty-five, repetition petit,
belgian sugar, eve-n-odd,
power and light press, inbred
into the blood, praying for
sewer lizards, haddock, beloved
festival, art maggots, we’re so
very very simple, i never touch
the stuff, pompadour, art hole,
best spoon, wem, recall graph,
beryllium, haven’t g’art,
eye la blue, judith hoffberg,
anarchaos, shackleton,
kaunas, junk zine, malden,
my strange malady, an iguana
rub, home on the orange hot,
corrlinks, gerascophobia,
mud people, techno-skeptical,
vaps, video mash-up, woman
with gun, scattermood,
splatter sensitive,

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