Thursday, February 12, 2015

"quantum nothingness"

the semiotic liberation front,
kahlschlagliteratur, the bloch
sphere, qubit, wasabia japonica,
danvie, here you see the red threads,
when is repetition not repetition,
photocopy error in your favour,
how fast did you burn through,
buy something original, smclgb
cluster, the majority of the word,
leptospirosis, pachysandra,
moelleux, gentoos, golden orb
spiders, quantum nothingness,
galaxy clusters, false vacuum
energy, eternal inflation,
sine, won’t, kanazawa corn,
flower child surrenders, sand
critters, ell is for, the leading
go, gar eighty-seven, circle
eighty-seven, hairloom, wrecht,
actress shoots,

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