Thursday, February 26, 2015

"google sculpting"

protect me from what i want,
esoteric anatomy, google sculpting,
merthiolate, come hither eyes,
reality control, saltellamento,
subimago, cerci, pentimento,
square kilometre array, acid
green, escalating humanitarian
crisis, ivy mike, castle bruno,
the mind’s eye plus, royal type-
writer, untitled art society,
pedorthist, james bannerman,
new master plan, the new mailart,
five pieces of purple paper,
brock catherines, lucky buddha,
make an indication in or on
the text, this is dna, writing
about writing, rtui, the hand of
jennifer, sasketchewan, vad
gäller saken, unaccusatives,
saint ickerdude, remove your
record, domaine grand pre
macon solutre, broken writing,
arqc tvr, put this text in a
zine, loose choc, subversive sex,
bernard callebaut, dan
johnson, loc luster, claussen,
sex fluid, ranch cluster,
red mycin, zoo cluster,
poly-paper, solutré-pouilly,
cupcake wine, anselmi san
vincenzo, metrovino,

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