Tuesday, February 12, 2013


choose yr own what, you don’t
seem to appreciate, as long as you
get some sort of mileage out of
it, one is a full-time social
media manager, lullaby siege,
honeyplane, mailart as social
media, is this your face or
my face, highlight the cut,
that’s the end of the usa,
prairie sizzle, solidified
alcohol, correctional
corporation of america,
prison-industrial complex,
the course of human events,
bonaroos, texas prison bidness,
the impercipient, statism,
clusters of costumed
marchers, awu, red boot
ethnicity, did we exchange
grains, enuf with the
cluster, salt signature,
detritus interruptus,
ecstatism, the audience
for visual, the concrete
a, gouge your texts,

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