Sunday, February 03, 2013


penny trap, make time for art,
if everybody is fluxus then
nobody is fluxus, six oh two one
three to six oh two one six,
tamned, how much do you spend
a month on drugs, i don’t
need any protection, yak dot,
a head code, xenochronous,
carpe diem manana, noetic
thymus, tin eye, bogan, hori
hori, digital drugs, binaural,
i-dosing, omphaloskepsis,
bazaanr, jenkem, dianoetic,
we need to know the species,
surprise meat cluster,
chat for sale, doris, butter
salted, orange shirts, les
degats, countertransference,
menshyaya, cognitive surplus,
interruption technologies,
macrowikinomics, the crisis
of meaning, a higgs field,
semantic uselessness,
blank commodities, concrete
freedoms, meta-sign,
heteroglot, parallelepiped,
pencits, this is your brain
on google, textual laze,

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