Wednesday, February 20, 2013


spend it, walvisvaarder, rappel,
men no not men amen, woman with
dozens of boobs, determine process,
computer replicated hand-carved,
i thot you were looking at a
cat, a mess worth making, sirok,
do these vary greenfield, you
can’t tell can you, note angel,
cute tape, upable, dysmorphia,
cazz, coinstar, sludgem, brst,
meat salad, tightening oversight,
stoae, truth lies only in
language, mammer jammers,
a global moment, nation-
scale politics, the age of
access, the end of struggle,
art as research, global-
urban nexus, starve the
beast, mobile subjectivity,
hell to exist coming,
balked at the last one,
put the underlining back
in, seventieth street,
hoping for or dreading
a load, zizek,

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