Tuesday, February 19, 2013


rick roll, combine threads, fluxus
is a virus, reality reconstruction,
kava, münchausen syndrome,
you’re actually doing things,
somebody is fucking with the
numbers, amie carson’s greatest
hit, bcl, pintspew, ergs millies
riffs, loco paresis, rom-com, bap,
shubunkin, quick response codes,
subgum, el processo, overly
global, cross-culturalism,
particularist cultural
relativism, ethnoscape,
finanscape, ideoscape, mediascape,
technoscape, cosmo-theory,
what’s the second best search
engine, snatch engine, the
tiniest little particle of
the self, bad math, zero copy
zine, feral girl, ecstatism,
never-went-with, happipest,
spiritual amnesia, lettuce
arise, out of prison penpal,
degree of copyness, indifferent
to results, keeping pushing
the long gone, these copy suck,
the one on the cow, jump on
a head, copy army, the dada
is correct, you don’t even
have one let alone five,

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