Friday, February 01, 2013

"amicus curiae"

menthane, psyclops, mephedrone,
eighteen-ninety-nine penny,
futsches reich, scriptures on
concrete, gravatar, hypersexualist,
brostitute, paperside, asexual
pride, racebending, simplified
network, build build build,
seven figure bank account,
sixty cents to texas, or maybe
fish, obviously the work of
a retard, the all modification,
anything of any value is gone,
probability of exclusion,
european court of human,
cofiler, variable-number
tandem repeats, lexus ex
machina, amicus curiae,
double jeopardy, production
of the local, spatial justice,
localities of dominance,
d’sonoqua, hidden spatiality,
localities of liberation,
micro-aesthetics, nothing is
absolutely dead, a poetics
of accommodation, the so-called
language poets, benjaminian
urbanism, productive
consumption, the bayesian
inference, likelihood
ratio, the day after,

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