Thursday, February 14, 2013


happicap, to micromanage is to,
nokotsudo, penile plethysmograph,
peter-meter, traceroute,
heteroplexus arboricans,
submishmash, sweet loretta modern,
get your ripples, turning all
this garbage into art, cluster
oil, nothing is coming to me,
social software, active autonomy,
a utopian horizon, policy wonks,
the end of geography, the
transnational-popular, cultural
front, transversal activism,
alternative scholarship, n,
anti-neoliberal social movements,
hic rhodus hic salta,
historical economic and
cultural, the reification
of language, become alive
to nothing, the passage of
years on the paper, fold the
meat, zafu, killfile, it
would take a whopper, rick
and roll,

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