Friday, February 22, 2013


eat yourself into a semicoma,
mostly to protect the chapbook,
protevangelium, i am a mean
man a sick man, ipod, the toxic
things, morels, graham foust,
crow island, ice-box, pumice,
tin soldiers, pitcairn, lorca,
you were out by two, canadian
cultural overture manifestations,
the word chapbook, note swastikas,
reacties, hypocnemis, limaceous,
teragotravago, stuckhousing,
she has eyeballs in her armpits,
hypocorism, moerdyk,
champfleury vaudreu, what
would you do if you had
twenty grand, cheese cookies,
bit of paper so small that
it sticks to the rubberstamp,
resign or wait til you are
given the boot, psychic
howellism, engrams, grey
economy activity, free
university, rentalsman,
structure of necessity,
the gdogd, correct the
italics, oh be quiet,
slavoj, not even hoping,

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