Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"ambient electronic space"

candy pizza, veterans canteen
service, the time bean, art pool
rules, typhus is a disease,
gooey collage, silver rubberstamp
ink, iou nothing ma, deepwater
horizon, post carbon, wayne hom,
ambient electronic space, clam
girls, interhermetism, one is not
an interdict, knick knack paddywhack,
involving meat, involving milk,
not exactly income, energel blk,
international timber, all is
dead, lock hospital, hitherto
enjoyed in common, white
slavery, domination theory,
punishment row, battered
wife syndrome, rape trauma
syndrome, pimp chic, pretty
horse-breakers, dollymop,
nostalgie de la boue, no
obtrusive marks, we forgot
to do our best, one has
nothing left to disclose,
the half nelson of love,
all the words that will
get written by these
new pens,

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