Sunday, February 24, 2013


how it is, enter the little text,
thru paper, yellow wrapper, boix,
is that the best you can do, hat
press, anarchy arquette,
ampersanity, is this your swan
song, orchid whisper, debt
write us, a shape suggestive of
a letter, a localized discussion,
tissue text, aynil, local porn,
rings an eye bell, lines of pills,
a little on the pixilated side,
who did which, eye bones,
eliminating alphabet,
flesh is nice, your aesthetic,
judging the art by the artist,
notice nothing, xygen, opel tot,
rimseal, snowmass, artkick,
vallotton, face written on,
radush, van guh, one’s laws,
nobody is just perfect for me,
why does this remind me of
you, hand stamped, why am
i so happy, aoquith, cupcake
culture, metapussy, meta
hari, hundreds of canadian
employment, chatdog,
death do us partner, the
wasteland of the free,
free woman milk,

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