Saturday, February 02, 2013


don’t you love the way things
unfold sometimes, the carefully
placed sign, i didn’t realize
what i was contributing to,
feaszhures, tracing paper,
tabs is tabs, apprehend a leer,
immaterial nonprinted,
strontium bromide, i remember
this from back in the day, day
de dada, pustefix, the great
fun during breaks, ting ting
jahe, don’t give me no candy,
dayde, public illumination,
not minding being left out,
zosteraceae, instructions
to create, fluxus laboratories,
z, gaze deeper, oh i see you
were quoting, zada, yada,
rooz, i’ll tell you who has
been dropped, there’s no
accounting for boredom,
make it not suck, wear a
paper bag over your head,
how do people become so
bitter, how long has this
been sitting on the shelf,
all the money you blew,
dustamp, concerned with

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