Monday, February 04, 2013

"kami tora"

grubby glow in the dark, vb
southbank, no more shoguns,
kami tora, some people, see sixpack,
approved i, cap the number of
prints, merry isthmus, manualist,
juggalos, dead squirrel bear,
cryptococcus gattii, crossing
the event horizon, polar microbes,
one is hanging in space,
melaninatonin, fiberskyn,
make the prints and then
destroy the, handcream cluster,
the poet of defiant purity,
pencil hook, complicit resistance,
the neo-avant-garde, academic
colonization, hyper-referentiality,
ocular centrism, infinitude
of the social, polysemeity,
the textual turn, the
descent into discourse,
cultural ideological
apparatus, hailing of an
always already subject,
a productive reader,
utterance structure,
i hate speech, catch the
overflow, and refresh,
you can’t insure, smersh,
m, narcostate, love bites,

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