Wednesday, February 06, 2013


hellas, försiktigt, do you know
the plant, the card in contrast
to, ghikas, a dried flower from
leonard cohen’s garden, yellow
band, not exactly a band,
the bottles made an impression,
no such thing as too much
information, varimint, vindicott,
lithochrome trash means, note
swastika pap, urbanspoon, young
moss tongue, chatism, tierdrops,
ecchi, the hawthorne effect,
motorfucker, spacequakes,
moodscope, katjacintja, enuf
to get you thru, go on a
cheese mission, borgonzola,
fuck mail, structures of
feeling, brise-soleil, the
spatial turn, datascapes,
a giant bookcase of reinforced
concrete, pre-fab concrete
housing, a monumental use
of concrete, float on
concrete islands, megadesign,
the inflatable moment,
megaform, mega-urbanism,
calgary as opposed to
lethbridge, up dat,
multipurpose the paper,

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