Saturday, February 23, 2013


these seem to be some kind of valves,
what is a paddy whack, leppar, neoist
romance, surfing on molasses,
wellbutrin, nota roja, double
barrel shotgun by nerf,
romancing the stoners, gateway
to her guts, why unblock,
cluster of beers, european court
of human, civil totalitarians,
theta factors, organic
intellectual, unnecessary
bridges, pork-chopper, lexis,
auto-interpellation, smeared
with the sign of high culture,
skinhead formalism, arrested
and made concrete, negative
homologies, what appears is
good: what is good appears,
the study of affect, a light
that shines thru concrete,
the crumbling community,
up-sell, guaguanco, these
letters’re marked, you’re
marking up the originals,
the word psychotic,
semicomma, nothing is
going to arrive,

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