Sunday, February 10, 2013


ecstatic static, is the green
relevant, found your way to a
photocopier, concrete water,
spooky toner, let text letter,
how are you making this mess,
you’d have to be there at the
copier, reprint printer, surely
you know the difference between
blue and green, lost the
swastikas, the zed lens, gorilla
glass, facehook, fml, a cart
to haul excrement, exercising
your demons, advaita,
mortarism, tall poppy syndrome,
keep the bookmark in circulation,
love robot, one is a demanding
user of the sole, t-max,
hydrophobic membrane, vibram,
plucks the usual, not unaware
of the microdots, don’t give me
that all bullshit, all
marginal, international
class differentiation,
clean diamonds, antisystemic
writing, intellectual
playboy, convict leasing,
each hand clenched,
instauration, full-time
social media manager,
fan number ego,

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