Saturday, February 09, 2013

"pork blossom"

co-shark, the rogue in each of
us, there’s a few marks on it but
it’s essentially blank, ex marks,
lamia, no pub intended, exotic
call house, heliotherapy, crust
punk, peace punk, cgooc, trim the
rubberstamps, pork blossom,
polysubstance, concrete gully,
two-eleven steel reserve beer
cap, actus reus, mens rea,
productive consumption, open
management language,
locational identity,
discursive vectors, heimatbuch,
boontling, glass epistle,
glanzing, rich media, push
marketing, when i ran to
the store with a penny,
the text looks intelligent,
the first day you climbed
out of your crib, did you
think future or did you
think past, we need new
blue, fuck the cushy life,

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