Thursday, February 07, 2013


horriblesweet, chatfuck, ding
dong ditch, well kill, pompatus,
pizmotality, microhoarding,
thylacine, epismetology, poetry
buck the system, psychological
warfare, unlimited talk, chat
workers, electrical soil, longha,
forgot you supercharged the
system, carved with love, bananas
bread cookies radio, spreeblick,
voluptuous panic, the eroticist,
desert solitaire, pop! , aquabee,
chocolate envelope, google this
mofo, the very sharp eye of the
hawk, the provincial power
grid, trance access, enpullopes,
antimaterialism, conventicle,
mela, dharanis, an orange
with the word love carved
in it, kitchen yoga,
egodectomy, hosprisoners,
hosprison, chemical castration,
prosocial, pruno, cell-stills,
intimacy deficits, phaser,
deep house, comedogenic,
big box babycare, noma

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