Monday, February 25, 2013


nelson, homenagem, metamodeling,
the pussy app, azoth, horrifying
christmas eve, triskaidekaphobia,
market anarchy, linode lamp,
humanification, salmonella
oranienberg, coup d’amore fou,
infinite gift, gah, sixty-two
cents per copy, you’ll be sorry
when you wake up and there
is nothing, must be doing
something right, reading drunk,
dialectical engagements, tom
thumb, chasse-gallery, not
writing the landscape, the
business of quality, pho,
jeggings, webago, sfortilla,
a genuine kobar hat,
lalaliere, jicarama, it looks
like good text, was this my
mind, this blank here, you
will learn the meaning of
rickrolling, spend interest,
eat yourself, i stole these
phrases, concrete folds,
maybe someday the meaning
of the word will hit you,
time-sensitive documents
mailart, how do you like
this machine, already gone,

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