Friday, February 08, 2013


ditch the cushy life, sexually
independent, xojax, metapunk,
buddha bing, masseuse sex,
supercute and superdead, we
don’t have a crime problem we
have an inequality problem,
all that ink just bleeds
right thru, splatterpunk,
the numbers are not supposed to
go up, rhizomorphous capacity,
urban spontaneity, economic
cultural hierarchies, air hap,
no, air hab, the sublimated
political asymmetries,
hejinian’s central essay,
boozeria, dial-a-porn, bike
share system, cholo, orange
chanterelles, one was on tea,
the damage to the paper,
keep it black, what does
it refer to in this sentence,
my hand is doing the
talking, don’t make fun
of the artist, dayglo penny,
eroxy, ungoogleable, the
sort of people who are not
a sort, one would throw
it all away, rubbernates,
bang with abandon,

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