Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"creative destruction"

eroski, gst cheques are here!,
if the number of children
under your care changes, one
is more than separated, enatam,
dick’s ease, halfspace, little
girl syndrome, mofungo, baby
bump, the smelf, nekomimi,
eating on plastic, your enter
tain, toy small business, float
thru life, shopping for banking,
nothing else press, distribrute,
spoiled identity, source text use,
the meta-news, nuclear trucking,
narrowcasting, ideology as such,
the mediascape as a repressive
state apparatus, the whole is
false, creative destruction,
cultural aggression, time
off for good behavior,
parapsychology, hospital
police, paraphilia, zoophilia,
symptomatologies that
cluster, antisocial
personality disorder, you
could up the point size
to eighteen even, the
original has a certain
feel, satan’s nates,
camouflage for concrete,

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