Friday, July 09, 2010

"remember the password?"

the cerebral surreal, did somebody,
not really wanting to sell it, ejitor
(double art, living material (bract,
ooing un-profit, overload-variation,
..., sign S, this is a mouthpiece,
a city without a franguage,
tending towards the limit,
what are they saying about us?,
patch of oil versus paratrooper,
able to be turned into something
else, in the monk office, still
remember the password?,
forgot we spent so much, unit cost,
a float alone, doesn’t want to
talk to you either, urban juice,
still looking for the m,
judging will be blind, the
girls on the bull, a publisher
suppressed a prose book, the
river of un-forgetting, an
adequate representation,
an outwork, is-trying-to-say,
platonium missing, the art
........................of space,
on to things, on being- present ,
thee present , hope helps,
already forgot, living memory,

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