Saturday, July 10, 2010

MAR 31 2008, 9:00 pm

1) being apart of something by being apart of it.
1) you’re not meant to focus on this target
1) does that mean we aren’t friends anymore?
1) now you can afford to buy books (no time to read)
1) do you see the code now?
1) ain’t got no gizmo
1) how things can get from point a to point a
1) don’t you care to protect
1) here’s lookin’ at you, kid
1) find a stationary
1) that looks rather loominous
1) one of my favourite hands in the whole world
1) barresters &
1) still a little delight left in the bucket
1) please, pound on me, harder
1) build off your failures
1) we went thru a lot of envelopes
1) the clusterfucker
1) oversize cluster material
1) never did come thru with that, but.
1) more envelopes!? you’re kidding me!
1) hamilton moonflower
1) still more envelopes!
1) a truly divine/devine batch of colour
1) we had it coming out the ears
1) why lem
1) nothing is free
1) read
1) focus on
1) ads & pads
1) we canoli
1) how can the memory?
1) kiosk
1) whyke

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