Sunday, July 04, 2010

MAR 16 2008, (pm) (#2) 5:30

1). well, actually...
1). table of contention
1). caps lock is on,
1). advice to map makers
1). cloves
1). hand-painted reproduction
1). there’s always another stash kicking around
1.) the last thing we wrote before we were arrested
1.) bring the orange into view
1.) all the poets are collecting dust, in fact, that may be
the very task of poetry!
1.) none of these “to go” items are going anywhere
1.) oh sure, you are thinking about doing something, but.
1.) a slomo replay of the fall
1.) probably no such person, place anymore
1:) orange zombie
1.) copy for to do what with?
1.) are we not going to continue with the text?
1.) wait a minute! i think that was art!
1). &
1. how did you get thru?
1. you don’t know what it is / until you lose it
1. to rip or not to rip
1. what do you want to know?

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