Wednesday, July 07, 2010

backwards ampersand

and then some, to remember
it all, a yet unwritten page,
extra-being, the copy inside me,
a deter(min)able hole in being,
explicitation, pnin dent,
rend(er)ing , hypostatized
by a capital letteR, to
join against, not sure if
you have any use for this
but, kil nothing, win
lose what’s the diff?,
perfectly legible,
consume these words!,
not squeezing another,
ecstatic hilarity the crime,
the capital text & the
footnote, grapht, not dyad
yet, signs of live, not enuf
storage space, dad me,
dock it, perfectly blank
oh, what is moving,
unparalysis, &, a praxis
mate, what you must work
with, II am nobody in particular, textual
grafting, hamno hobby in particles, member,

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