Thursday, July 01, 2010

goo? "goo" is not in the spellchecker.

marking up paper, marked up
paper, this is to certify, free
brochure (suitable for framing,
this doesn’t jive, might has bin
used wiser, branch opportunities,
grabbing press, big dub, was
one, def fed, an thes,
redirection of your male,
tolerate goo, i’ll c(l)ue in
society, successfools, i don’t
care what i write it on!,
opened up a little, self-pubbers
, paranoic all, ten big names!,
bold face functionaries,
are you all female now?,
edmonchuck, have to give em
another look, counting by
one, alludicrous, for hang
ing the curtain, good ole
go to hell, undecidable
proposition you, third way:
without sin thesis, against sin
tax, (to be cont in you’d,
half-open (under the same
yolk, opinable, between
the sheets, let book, towards
ambiguity, zoogma, glow
if i alcohol, name if eye,

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