Saturday, July 03, 2010


how am i supposed to write on
this?, it’s got a few holes in it but
it’s coming back together, merit-
ritious, locus of beauxarts, back-
wards ampersand, still hualin’
this around, remove paper from
duplexer, where to place the
next to last one, already spent,
buttered art, a xerox collage
of the author’s, what good is
a phone number?, synchronicle:
mcmicrosystem, depending on
what you call it, owin’, things
to be said for & against , things
to be spoken for & out against,
loosely sealed logo file, high
man, quite a mark up, the
differents are or is?, scrap
t yers, textra, empty hollow
concave, hymen in (case events
go, verge you lay, more grim
more, consummation of this
hymen eliminates, categorical
sin, mark in the margin,
machine ate, hum knows,
hew foes, to fuse together,
re-birth of the book,
interpretosis, faciality,

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