Monday, July 05, 2010


batch processing, fine brochure,
being able to tell, free return,
permanent ephemera,
hypermodernism (anti-antiquari-
anism, true eventual, if these
days survive, saint b, the livin’
breedin’ word, suddenly the
birds start to sing, (still black!),
omnivoyance, the terror-effect,
the un-said, fate divers, a
double-degree move, state forth,
refuse to look up, without
panties, enantiomorphosis,
the meaning is not set (yet?,
puissant pepper, vibratin’
tremblin’ spillin’ over!,
outsystem the system, forty-
five revolutions per minute
phonodisc, the papers occupy
eighty-five meters (& appear
intext, we love to forget, to
forget we love, deem my
shell, not hoping anymore than,
rude imp, you’re on the
speaker-phone by the way,
no ref, monsteration!,

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