Monday, July 19, 2010

FEB 16 2008

“people who only write on one side of the paper”

1) how’s it made, that’s what we want to know
2) that looks like an actual typewriter: you can’t do
that with a computer.
3) let’s roll this boulder back up to the top of the
mountain, shall we?
4) art might get you thru some rough times
5) just the lovely part
6) add something real to the reproduction
7) i just want to say hell o
8) we are well aware of the meat
9) the paper is (always already) touched
10) a rubberstamp that says “ALWAYS ALREADY”
11) seven?
12) let me know about your projects
13) all of this for a dollar?!
15) check it out: that glacier comes right down to the ocean!
16) study the way the shit hits the fan
17) if i had a million dollars i’d write a million letters
18) well you didn’t pain’t it, but.
19) well, you didn’t say it, but.
20) Terrazo 141
21) this faint grid of blur
22) “chop wood – carry water reality”
23) the last rose of summer / the first rose of spring
24) you and your fellow art thugs
25) you ain’t no thug you thug, you wanna hear about the
real... ?
26) one is not always forgiven
27) what kind of shit is this?!

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