Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"habit end of colonization"

still no closure to it, the same
thing only a copy of it, running
out of paper, anti-abbreviation,
ungated, one to fly, crease first,
or is it this one?, holography,
another one already?, le not
el, print run, a pile of ten,
mister so&so, the heap, the
beginnings of a letter, sm
navel orng, a curved inlet,
sightation, and/or, time-
freeze, the reality-principle,
sin building, teletopology (not
telelopology, irisation,
chronobiology, paramnesia,
born to inhabit (barn to inhabit
, end of colonization, fat um
head, know-how plus doing, AND,
trance it if eyes, there’s
that word again, tense or
loose, chromaticism, parlando,
zones of resonance in which
several voices seem to issue
from the same mouth,
circular breathing, aphatic
alphabetic, tessitura,
glissando, speech-song,

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