Thursday, July 08, 2010

MAR 30 2008

1) devil ink
1) all the money spent on eyelashes
1) think how you can tell
1) we still need more clues
1) bootleg underground
1) pristine copy
1) degree of “float”
1) so logn
1) toner developments
1) we need some way to get free from texts
1) “typewriter kensington” seems rather prophetic
1) take a moment to read the complete text
1) fial
1) the files will be coming along soon
1) the hole has been seemlessly removed
1) goes down to
1) you can still identify the seahores today
1) people that mean something to you today
1) Adel Gunden
1) the delight of communication
1) is that the feel of yesterday?
1) insa-net
1) not seeking noise
1) the place does not look like a real place
1) you might think you exist, but.
1) surffering
1) the file pile is still at liberty
1) let us ark to and frow
1) ice laser
1) to and frown
1) steinway of beers
1) you see here on the edge
1) papers the text have nown
1) now you are going to confuse yourself

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