Tuesday, July 27, 2010


portion left blank, what it origin-
ally said, didn’t really do it all
that much damage, condensive,
heard it could be done, the logic of
the kettle, being suspended,
an imitation of a word,
against time, trance plants,
an existing thing, a one-off
(punctually, give it up self,
without access to the tools,
trait or mark, poing! (right in
the eye!, hit me for my hook,
engaged, paper blown away
in the wind, a quantity of molar
s, motor city, flat phenomenon,
trance decoding, pluridimentional,
a body of matter as a whole, tinfoil
behind glass, flip the heap &
continue, eyes getting worse,
the recycle bin, non-fonetic,
non-informations, double zero,
it’s all so fake, never even
had a chance to turn the page
on the calendar, i call you
so & so, more interesting terrain
over that way, the thot of,
zebra-like lions of text, room,

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