Thursday, July 15, 2010


prints equally well on either side,
a certain consistency, blobbing in,
idio(ma)tic interpretation,
whateverest, sidetracked into the
box, eye can, trance textual,
surprise loose, there is nothing
outside of the text, cover the letter,
convictim, mind-these, actually
acting, sell it to me!, make your
own world, photographness,
buy the time, played on, sues,
the right to do, won lovers,
played on, making it?, divided
by three divided by three again,
enjoin, into the blender, you can
put any message you want here,
roof prism, givin’ it away,
amero, can copy, didn’t exactly
exbload (soft bomb, the previous
year’s saint, mon-eyed interests,
tour spiel!, still alive barely
, notes from something else,
took five bucks off me!,
he asked me my name,
regarding the collection,
he must litter, dot tea see
dot see a, she see you, draft,

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