Thursday, July 29, 2010

"poetry bucks the system"

circumstances reduced us to
standing around, all we’ve got
to show forth, now they can all
be filed down, still want to take
a fair shot, poetry bucks, due to
fadeout, pleasantly psychotic,
a continuation of the thing, a fine
mishmash, living off the big name
of somebody else, hell’s essential
character, made the biographical
notes but, thru the trance duct,
acentered alphabet, knows it all
oh gee!, what fog machine?,
cadastrophe, stratoanalysis,
anticulture, interbeing,
back in the jungle, april thirty
ninety-nine (full moon, the
destruction of the entire
literary archive,
words-on-the-page, tain,
iterability not irritability,
oblique reference, a letter
does not simply reach, but
participates in the creation
of, its addressee, i surprised
myself, glossematics, a pretty
tall order, back into the book,

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