Sunday, July 11, 2010

join to, white openings, ampersand-
able, big ess self, trance is on
point, psst! (gsst!, no longer money,
order word, strange tongue,
i solemnly swear: fuck!, retension,
mark, a sign that’s, decided to
spell it wrong anyway, sting
mania (everything to do with
the police, massification, nous
that stays nous, trance situation-
ism, logo type people, a phat
(ic) em, pseudo-communication,
non finito, the zero degree of
representation, already in page
proofs, malarming

........................spacing, as
if there were words there,
syntaxer, juxtaposer, am big
you ate, art together ran off,
elude the categories of history,
criticism with an entire hidden,
anything to do with folding?,
creasing?, plurivalence,
hypersentence, indiscernible, ay yo
trip!, depending on the quality
and the quantity of the coffee,

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