Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FEB 13 2008 (calgary)

1) run across the street & pick up some tea
2) how much is a portion? (of orange juice)
3) all this food is making me sick
4) Artists of the World Unite!
5) 426-5050
6) almost ten grand
7) let’s all get coffee together
8) when I said “you” I meant...
9) you gotta do what you gotta do
10) I love the smell of this paper
11) I love the smell of this tea paper
12) Om Money Pad my hum
13) Om Money Pad me hum
14) from paycheck to paycheck
15) what do you got against icons?
16) what is it like being down in the hole?
17) you have trouble remembering your own phone # & address
18) Bolus! Bolus!
19) penny objects
20) yes, we delivered the ‘zines
21) black grim sin
22) the paper surrounding the money
23) makes a good fist enhancer
24) aged the paper four months
25) which lighthouse?
26) this is an idea for a poem
27) septem triones
28) everything is poetry
29) date returned: never!
30) save the blanks! (or not!)

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